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A wedding is an important milestone in any personís life. It is a truly joyful event that you either always look forward to your own wedding or you always look back on your wedding to relive the happiest and most grand day of your life. That is why wedding photographs are such an important thing to any family. People tend to hire the best wedding photographer they can afford to keep their happiest memories as beautiful keepsakes to look back and laugh on./font>

A Brief History of Royal Photo Riverside Inland Empire Temecula Maui Wedding Photographer

The Royal Photo in Maui is a great photographer company that provides you with the best quality photos on your beautiful wedding day. This company started by Lubomir Petrovic, also operates in Riverside, Inland Empire, Temecula and Orange County, CA. Lubomir Petrovic started photography when he was only 11 years old, and he has not stopped since then. His photos harmonize people and nature together, and his photographs portray evidence that any wedding in Maui is the picture perfect wedding that you always dream of. Petrovicís wedding photographs capture precious memories of your wedding without missing a single moment in the event. The Royal Photo has many packages that you can use on your special day. We offer you our services on events other than weddings because we believe that all your precious memories should be preserved well, since ultimately, your memories will be the only thing you have to look back on.

Quality Wedding Photography in CA

We offer you our services mainly in Maui. Other than Maui, we also cover events in Riverside, Corona, Temecula, Inland Empire and Orange County. The Royal Photo photographers prefers to personally meet with you and discuss details about your event. We believe that each event is unique, so we do our best to cater to all your needs, and charge you for just your needs, depending on your requirements. Beach weddings are very popular with couples as they offer beautiful backgrounds and a perfect ambience.

Special Weddings in Maui at Affordable Cost

Maui is the second largest island in the Hawaiian Islands, and boasts about their panoramic vistas of the beach scenery. Maui is a very famous place for beach weddings exactly because of this reason. Maui offers many hotels and other services to host your dream wedding as well. One of the necessities for a perfect wedding is beautiful photographs of your wedding. If you are planning to hold your wedding in Maui then you must consider choosing the Royal Photo, an unparallel name to wedding photographers in Maui, to cover all of your wedding sessions including outdoor shooting. The Royal Photo Photographer has been offering all types of wedding photography services in Maui by Lubomir Petrovic. Petrovic, who started photography at 11 years old, now with the Royal Photo Wedding Photographer Company, has taken wedding photography in Maui to a whole new level. Yes, he is the best wedding photographer that Maui can offer you.

What We Offer

The Royal Photo has several wedding photography packages you can choose from according to your requirements. Depending on the various wedding packages you can get unlimited shooting facilities, online proofing and additional ordering for prints and share online gallery for your friends, $100 credit for printing from Royal Photo online shop and so on. You can choose the best package that is best suited for you from among them. Royal Photo insists that you meet with them and talk to them about all your requirements, as they believe that every wedding is a unique event. Because of this they would like to cater to all your requirements and deliver you the best photographs of your wedding without missing a single precious moment of your special day.

Printing Services

The Royal Photo also offer you our printing services as well. We are able to print out high quality photographs of your favorite photos. We will also retouch any photo that you need and make your portraits perfect and make you look great. Also offer you a lot of different color tones as well. Among them you can find black and white, textured, sepia, retro, and a lot more other color tones as well. Royal Photo wedding photographers offer you their services in the evenings as well as in the weekends. The great thing about Royal Photo wedding photographers is that we do not charge different prices for different color toned photography. We charge the same amount for any color tone whether it is black and white, color, sepia or retro.

Why Should You Choose Royal Photo Wedding Photographers?

The Royal Photo Wedding Photographers is an award winning company. We have won the Best of Riverside Award in Wedding Photographers category in 2014 by the Riverside Award Program. We have managed to win a lot of their customersí hearts by our top quality photography services as well. If you check our testimonial page, you will find many of the former customers gave awesome reviews about our fast growing wedding photography company in Maui. All of the Royal Photo Wedding Photography Companyís customers have mentioned that the photography was amazing, and that they really enjoyed hiring us as their photographers. The highly qualified and professional wedding photographers at Royal Photo manage to capture the perfect combination of nature with your wedding photographs, making them the most perfect shots that you will be able to get in all of Maui, Riverside, Temecula, Corona and in Orange County, CA.

You can contact our wedding photographer in Maui on 808-664-6646, in Riverside on 951-870-9167 and in Orange County, CA on 949-391-1101. You can reserve an appointment by calling any of these numbers or dropping an email on Royal Photo will offer you their best work on your special occasion, and will make it into a magical moment that you will look back on for the rest of your lives.

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